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Web Applications

Only half of programming is coding. The rest is ...debugging!

Nowadays web applications are everywhere around us. They are being part of almost every website. Web Applications are parts of code that are used to add some user-interaction. An e-shop is an example of a web application that is becoming increasingly popular lately. Your favorite search engine or your favorite social network are indeed Web Applications too!

Let's suppose that we want to include a Database in our Website!
You'd ask why?
Well, for many reasons such as to build a controlled environment, where users can login. 
Or to build a list of products that are dynamically updated through an administration page -to be sold in our e-shop.
Or any other scenario, for the possibilities here are practically endless!

Web Applications can be public ie. available to everybody 'as-is', or custom built to cover a specific demand of a Client. Custom Applications usually tend to be more pricey, but the outcome is most rewarding, as now the workflow is exactly as demanded.

We in ILUS Web specialize in Web Applications. In fact this is what differenciates us from our competition.
Our Web Applications are secure, stable, trustworthy, easy to use, and designed to meet your exact needs -as initially described to us.

We will be delighted to hear from you

Why choose us?

Simply because we love creating beautiful websites, and we are damn good at it!

We at ILUS Web love programming!
All kinds of programming... Applications programming, Microcontrollers programming, Websites programming.
And we like to try to approach perfection everytime!

The best thing about a boolean is even if you are wrong, you are only off by one bit.

A beautiful and functional design is very important, as it interacts directly with the end User. And after all, it's the User's experience that we all work for!
Because a happy User, is of the most valuable assets to a business!

If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.

A Website without S.E.O. is like a ship with broken steering, sailing in stormy weather!
In this day and age, the number of websites is reaching new records every day. Consequently, the competition of every new Site is huge, and the only way to "survive" is a methodical and successful S.E.O.

S.E.O. is what the Search Engines talk about you, when you are not present!